Oftentimes, cleaning or unclogging a drain can be an easy thing. After all, a little drain cleaner can go a long way towards fixing your clogged sink. However, there are many times—particularly in a commercial setting—where everyday drain cleaning just doesn’t cut it. That’s where Walker Plumbing, AZ comes in with your Phoenix drain cleaning needs!

Problems with a Clogged Drain

Obviously, we all hate getting a clogged drain. Being unable to flush your toilet or drain your sink is an annoyance that, if it can be avoided, is, at all costs. But, did you know that there are actually some dangers associated with clogged drains? Here are a few of the most pressing dangers that can result without proper drain cleaning in Phoenix AZ.

If your toilet is clogged, your restroom could be at risk of overflow. At face value, this is an obvious issue that most aren’t too afraid of; but, there is danger living beneath the surface. Toilet overflow can contain feces, which can put your family at risk of sickness or worse. On top of that, if your toilet suffers a severe overflow, then your bathroom could face mold, structural integrity loss, and much much more. Overall, without proper drain cleaning, Phoenix, you could be at risk.

As we already mentioned, without proper drain cleaning, Phoenix mold is a major risk associated with clogged drains. You may not expect that, considering how dry it is in AZ most of the year, but it is a major risk caused by clogged pipes and overflowing. In fact, even if your sink isn’t “overflowing” it could be dripping, weakening the integrity of your cabinets and causing even more mold. This is precisely why, even if your clog does not seem too bad, you should call Walker Plumbing for some drain cleaning. Phoenix, trust us; it is more important than you know.

The worst result of a clogged drain is, without a doubt, the buildup of sewer gas. Functioning drain pipes flush away the noxious gasses found in the sewers; however, if you don’t perform the needed drain cleaning, Phoenix resident, you could be in major trouble. This trouble could consist of minor sicknesses, all the way to explosions or fire caused by the gas’s ignition. Keep this in mind when you are looking for Phoenix drain cleaning services.

Walker Plumbing Drain Cleaning in Phoenix

But, do not worry! Using only the most heavy duty chemicals that are both effective and safe, Walker Plumbing will ensure your drains get cleaned, no matter what. Our plumbing technicians are experts in Phoenix drain cleaning so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a rookie. Plus, if you are worried about cost, you really don’t need to be. We offer all our services, including drain cleaning in Phoenix, at affordable prices which are below par for the market.

Whether it’s your sink, your shower, or even your toilet, we can do it; trust us, we know drain cleaning. Phoenix, don’t wait and let your plumbing clog until it breaks. Call us today and get your drains cleaned out as soon as possible with our phoenix drain cleaning service. We promise you won’t be disappointed.