Residential Services

Though Walker Plumbing in AZ specializes in commercial plumbing and offers a host of other services, residential plumbing is one of our most asked for services, and for good reason too! From garbage disposal repair, to the best Phoenix water heaters available, we can help you with whatever affliction you are currently suffering from. Here are a few of our most popular plumbing services for the Phoenix area:

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    Phoenix Water Heater Installation

    In this energy conscious day and age, many old Phoenix water heaters are becoming—if not broken—completely out of date, which can cost you money or worse. Fortunately, with our tankless water heater installation service, you can get rid of that old dinosaur and start saving money and energy right away! These tankless heaters can last about twice as long as standard water heaters and they can also help you qualify for some energy rebates, making this a great idea no matter how you look at it. But, if you are just in the market for a standard water heater, we offer those too. Call today for your Phoenix water heater installation!

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    Unclogging Drains

    One of the most common issues suffered in this area,—a result of bad piping—clogged drains are often truly hindering, particularly when it is your sink or toilet that is affected. Fortunately, Walker plumbing, AZ offers same day service in most cases, so you can get that clogged drain unclogged in no time at all. Phoenix plumbing at its best!

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    Water Heater Repair

    Though we’d suggest getting a new tankless water heater, if your old one is on the fritz, we can help. Our plumbers are well-versed in fixing Phoenix water heaters, so you don’t have to worry about getting a new one if you can’t afford it. Just leave it in our capable hands, and your Phoenix water heater will be fixed in no time!

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    Standard Plumbing AZ Maintenance

    Plumbing in AZ is often a tricky task, but our expert plumbers can help you with standard upkeep no matter what time of day it is. From unclogging drains, to standard fixing, we can help you.

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    Bathtub repair/installation

    In Arizona, having a bathtub is almost a must. Oftentimes, nothing is better than just laying back in a relaxing tub after a long day; however, it’s impossible to do so without good plumbing. AZ, listen up. We can help you. Just call Walker Plumbing, and we’ll have your bathtub repaired (or a new one installed) in no time at all! Trust us; you won’t regret it.

    Though these are only a few of our services, you can see why we here at Walker Plumbing, AZ prides itself In our plumbing services. Whether you are looking for Phoenix water heater installation, standard maintenance for your plumbing, or something else entirely, we are the company for you. Call today to schedule maintenance or to get your estimate.